The Online Dating App That Promotes…Dating

And introducing, “Online Friending” where you can meet up as friends

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Get Real & Meet Real

Dating and relationships are mainly about chemistry. How two people get along when they’re together.

You can look at dozens of pictures and chat for weeks, but until you actually meet, you really won’t know if you’re compatible with the other person.

We wanted to save you lots of time and wasted effort.

Post a proposal and go on a date or meet new friends.

View proposals in your area and submit your profile if you’re interested

Invite users to submit their profile to your proposal.

Use our partners offers for proposals and coupons in different activity categories

Verify your pictures to get more engagements and build trust

Change your location to connect with people anywhere around the world

You can even view posts in other languages in your area if your profile choice is that you can speak that language.

Your Choices Have Doubled

MeetLandia is all about Real People getting together for a great time.
Now you have four choices when using the MeetLandia app:

Dating Women

Interested in finding women to date? Select this option in the app settings and build your profile. Then you can just swipe right if you like a profile or left if you are not interested in the profile with dating proposal.

Dating Men

Go here to find men to date. After your profile is built and loaded, you’re ready to review profiles and choose whether you’re interested or not.

Friend Women

If you’re interested in just hanging out with women who share your interests, choose this option. You can review profiles of women and decide which to contact and pass on those you are not interested in.

Friend Men

This is the option when you’re looking for a guy to hang out with. Whether it’s sports, cars, or some other interest, find a guy to spend time doing what you both enjoy doing